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  • Some dishes may contain nuts, dairy products or other allergens. Please discuss your requirements with a waiter before ordering.
  • Vegetarian dishes are marked with a vege
  • Some dishes are marked with spice (spicy), spicespice (hot) and spicespicespice (very hot)
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1. Onion Bhaji- £3.15 vege
Classic onion fritters.

2. Aloo Chat – £3.15 vege
A blend of diced, cooked potatoes, fresh tomatoes and cucumber marinated in spices.

3. Chicken Chat – £3.15
A blend of diced, cooked potatoes, fresh tomatoes, cucumber and chicken marinated in spices.

4. Samosa (Vegetable or Meat) – £3.15
Fillo pastry filled with seasonal vegetables or spicy minced meat.

5. Garlic Mushrooms – £3.15 vege

6. Chicken or Lamb Tikka – £3.15

7. Duck Tikka – £4.75
Boneless duck marinated in yoghurt and spices, garlic, green chili and fresh coriander, cooked in a charcoal tandoori.

8. Assorted Indian – £4.10
Lasuni tikka, kangari kebab, onion bhaji.

9. Shammi Kebab – £3.15
Soft patties of lamb & potato, bengal garam & spices, pan fried to perfection.

10. Sheek Kebab – £3.15
Minced lamb infused with herbs and a variety of aromatic spices.

11. Prawn Cocktail – £3.50

12. Prawn Puree – £3.50
North Indian style prawns wrapped in poori.

13. King Prawn Puree – £5.50
North Indian style king prawns wrapped in poori.

14. Shahi King Prawn – £5.95
Marinated with fresh green herbs and spices, cooked in a tandoori with tomato and pepper.

15. King Prawn Butterfly – £5.50
Delicately spiced king prawns, friend in bread crumbs.

16. Tandoori Lamb Chops – £5.50
Chops of tender lamb marinated in yoghurt, spices, garlic, ginger and herbs, cooked in a clay oven.

17. Salmon Tikka – £5.50
Marinated in yoghurt and fish sauce, cooked in a clay oven.

18. Mixed Platter for Two – £7.95
Onion bhaji, meat samosa, tandoori chicken.

19. Mixed Platter for Four – £12.95
Onion bhaji, sheek kebab, pita paneer sag.

20. Nepalese Pakora – £4.10
Lightly spiced, served with fresh salad

21. Murgh Reshmi Tikka – £4.10
Boneless pieces of chicken breast marinated in cheese and fresh garlic yoghurt, cooked in a charcoal clay oven to perfection.

22. Malai Lamb Chops – £5.95
Chops of tender lamb in a marinade of homemade cream, cheese and spices.

23. Prawn Himali – £4.10
Spicy prawns cooked with fresh chili, red onion and tomatoes.

24. Pita Paneer Sag – £4.10 vege
Spinach and cheese mixed pastry.

25. Chicken Tikka – £6.95

26. Lamb Tikka – £7.95

27. Duck Tikka – £10.95
Boneless duck marinated in yoghurt, spices, garlic, green chili and fresh coriander, cooked in a charcoal tandoori.

28. Tandoori Chicken – £7.95
Half tender chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices.

29. Shashlick (Chicken or Lamb) – £8.50
Chicken or lamb peppers, onions and tomatoes, subtly spiced and slow cooked in a tandoori.

30. Mixed Grill – £9.95
Chicken and lamb tikka, tandoori chicken, sheek kebab & nan, served with a salad.

31. Paneer Shashlick – £10.50
Pieces of cheese marinated in freshly ground, aromatic herbs and spices, barbecued with onions, capsicum and tomatoes.

32. Salmon Shashlick – £10.95
Salmon, peppers, onions and tomatoes, subtly spiced and slow cooked in a clay oven.

33. Jafrani (Chicken or Lamb) – £9.95
Barbecued with onion, peppers, tomatoes, served with chef’s special sauce.

34. Tandoori Lamb Chops – £11.95
Chops of tender lamb marinated in yoghurt, spices, garlic, ginger and herbs, cooked in a clay oven.

35. Tandoori King Prawn – £11.50
Marinated with fresh green herbs and spices, cooked in a tandoori.

36. Nepalese Rose – £9.50
Off the bone tandori chicken, served with chef’s special sauce

37. Archari Till Chicken – £9.95
Tender pieces of chicken breast, marinated in rich, homemade pickled spices.

38. Hariyali Chicken or Lamb – £9.50 spicespice (New!)
Yoghurt, ginger, garlic, mind, master paste, green pepper, onion and fresh tomato

39. Goan Lamb Shank – £11.50
A supreme cut given the traditional goan treatment, full of flavour, cooked with tomatoes and coriander.

40. Lamb Chop Special – £11.50 spicespice
Tandoori lamb chop cooked in a goan sauce. Hot & spicy.

41. Lamb Guarka – £8.95
Cooked using 10 different ingredients and spices. A medium dish made with out own recipe.

42. Chicken Jaipuri – £8.95
Authentic dish cooked with onion, yoghurt, jeera, coriander, tomato, fresh herbs and cream. Mild to medium.

43. Chicken Al Badami – £9.50
Mango flavoured curry, cooked with nuts, spices, herbs and finished with cream. Chicken on the bone, mild to medium. Sweet and spicy.

44. Monsoon Chicken or Lamb – £9.50 (New!)
Delicately mild, a combination of chicken or lamb, fresh onion, pepper, cashew nuts and honey.

45. Jomsom Lamb – £8.95
Tender lamb in a thick sauce and almonds, coconut powder, cream, fried onion, cinnamon and bay leaf. Mild to medium.

46. Murgh Kaski – £9.50
Chicken breast cooked with lots of fresh herbs, mint, coriander, garlic, ginger, cheese, cream and white wine.

47. Duck Katmondo – £11.95
Sliced duck cooked with red pepper, green pepper, tomato, onion, garlic and medium spices.

48. Nepali Jeera (King Prawn) – £11.95
King prawn cooked in a thick sauce with ground onion seeds, capsicum, tomatoes, onions and a touch of garlic.

49. Butter Chicken or Paneer – £8.50
Cooked with butter, milk, coconut and almond.

50. Pathila Chicken or Lamb – £8.50
Well spiced, marinated with out fresh ground spices and cooked in a medium, juicy, thick sauce with garlic and tamarind.

51. Murgh E Azam – £10.50
Off the bone tandoori chicken, cooked with minced meat, onion, green peppers, egg and other special herbs and spices. It is highly flavoured and served fairly hot.

52. Murgh Sorsi – £9.50
Chicken tikka fried with mustard seeds in a mustard oil and thick bhuna sauce.

53. Jull Sag (Chicken or Lamb) – £9.50
Barbecued chicken or lamb, cooked with shashlick onions, peppers, green chillies and spinach.

54. Tarkatan Lamb – £10.50
Tender shredded lamb, hand ground spices and coriander give this dry, juicy dish an exquisite flavour.

55. Prawn Lubi – £9.95 spice
Prawn cooked with garlic, green beans, green chili and herbs. Fairly hot.

56. Mr Naga (Chicken, Lamb or Prawn) – £9.95 spicespice
Cooked with onion and a special naga sauce. Hot!

57. Malabar (Chicken or Lamb) – £9.95
Cooked with yoghurt, mango, coconut cream. Mild to medium.

58. Nehari (Chicken or Lamb) – £9.50
Cooked with onion, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, mint and tamarind. Medium spiced thick sauce.

59. Rajma Massala (Chicken or Lamb) – £9.50
Authentic mogul dish, cooked with onion, tomatoes, peppers, coriander and fresh lime. Medium spiced.

60. Roshni (Chicken or Lamb) – £9.50 (New!)

Garlic, ginger, onion, pepper, tamarind sauce. Medium hot.

61. Shamondor Bahar – £11.95
King prawn and prawn cooked with garlic, onion and green herbs. Medium spiced.

62. Mustard King Prawn – £11.95
Mustard seeds, mustard capsicum, onion and tomato in a medium sauce.

63. King Prawn Raja – £11.95
King prawn with chef’s special spices. Medium hot with shell.

64. Fish Special (Bandladeshi white tilapia fish) – £10.95
Cooked with onion, mustard, garlic, 10 different spices, full of juice flavour, medium spiced

65. Shimla Salmon – £11.95
Marinated salmon, capsicum, cubed onions and chef’s special sauce.

66. Salmon Peri Peri – £10.95
Cooked bhuna style. Medium Spiced.

First, make a choice from a selection of meat, seafood and vegetables below:

A) Chicken – £6.25

B) Mutton – £6.95

C) Vegetables – £5.95 vege

D) Chicken Tikka – £6.95

E) Lamb Tikka – £7.25

F) Duck Tikka – £9.95

G) Prawn – £7.25

H) King Prawn – £9.95

I) Tandoori King Prawn – £10.95

Now, select a dish:

67. Kurma
Very mild dish, cooked in fresh cream, almond and mild sauce.

68. Malaya
Mild dish cooked with pineapple, coconut and a touch of fresh cream.

69. Madras spicespice
Another most popular dish of South Indian origin. Fairly hot and sour, with pieces of tomato, spiced with fresh gravy.

70. Vindaloo spicespicespice
South Indian dish, widely known for it’s fiery, fabulously rich, hot taste. Black pepper, lemon, ginger and red chili are a few of the ingredients added to qualify the dish as ‘extremely hot’.

71. Rogan Josh
Medium dry, cooked with lots of tomato, onion and a touch of garlic. Very nicely spiced.

72. Dupiaza
Medium dry, cooked in spices, coriander and a generous portion of onions and green peppers.

73. Bhuna
Medium dry, cooked with a touch of fresh garlic, ginger and tomato.

74. Dansak spice
Sweet & sour, medium hot dish, cooked with lentils and lemon juice.

75. Phatia spice
Sweet, hot, sour and saucy taste. Generously spiced with garlic, onion,tomato puree, red chili, black pepper, sugar and lemon.


First, make a choice from a selection of meat, seafood and vegetables below:

A) Chicken Tikka – £7.95

B) Lamb Tikka – £8.50

C) Duck Tikka – £10.95

D) Vegetables – £6.95 vege

E) Prawns – £9.50

F) King Prawns – £10.95

G) Tandoori King Prawn – £11.95

Now, select a dish:

76. Biryani
Consists of fried basmati rice, mixed with spices and herbs, garnished with sultanas and almonds, served with a vegetable curry.

77. Tikka Masalla
National dish that needs no introduction.

78. Green Masalla
Cooked with fresh herbs and spices, ginger, garlic, coriander, medium spice, in a thick sauce.

79. Pasanda
Mild dish prepared with almond and pistachio cream.

80. Makhani
Fresh tomato, butter rich & creamy.

81. Jall Masalla spicespice
Our unique masalla cooked with green chili

82. Bengal Jalfrezi spicespice
A 7th century dish introduced by the people of Bengal. Cooked with sliced onion, green chili, tomatoes, peppers and fresh coriander. Fairly hot, in a thick sauce

83. Korahi
A dish well known in the valley of Indus. Made with cubes of onion, green peppers, tomatoes, coriander, medium spice and a thick sauce.

84. Balti
Highly recommended by the chef, prepared with fresh ingredients and thoroughly blended mixtures of authentic spices. Baltis are cooked in a balti pan – a fascinating utensil which locks in the flavour. Served with nan bread.

85. Vegetable Curry – £3.25 vege
Cooked in medium spices with gravy.

86. Mushroom Bhajee – £3.25 vege

87. Cauliflower Bhajee – £3.25 vege

88. Aloo Gobi – £3.25 vege
Potato & cauliflower.

89. Bhindi Bhajee – £3.25 vege

90. Brinjal Bhajee – £3.25 vege

91. Chana Masalla- £3.25 vege
Cooked with chickpeas.

92. Sag Bhajee – £3.25 vege
Fresh spinach.

93. Sag Paneer – £3.50 vege
Spinach cooked with cheese. Mild.

94. Motar Paneer – £3.50 vege
Homemade cheese with chickpeas. Mild.

95. Sag Aloo – £3.25 vege
Spinach cooked with potato.

96. Bombay Aloo – £3.25 vege

97. Tarka Dall – £3.25 vege
Lentils spiced with garlic.

98. Spice Cottage Vegetables – £3.50 vege

99. Keema Rice – £3.25

100. Peshwari Rice – £3.25 vege

101. Zara Rice – £3.50
Minced lamb & prawns.

102. Mushroom Fried Rice – £3.10 vege
Cooked with basmati rice.

103. Vegetable Fried Rice – £3.10 vege
Cooked with basmati rice.

104. Special Fried Rice – £3.10 vege
Cooked with egg, peas and basmati rice.

105. Lime Fried Rice – £3.10 vege
With lime & chickpeas.

106. Egg Fried Rice – £3.10 vege

107. Onion Fried Rice – £3.10 vege

108. Pilau Rice – £2.75 vege
Basmati rice cooked with dairy products & aromatic spices.

109. Boiled Rice – £2.50 vege

110. Paratha – £2.75 vege
A type of a bread made from brown wheat. Shallow fried.

111. Stuffed Paratha – £2.95 vege
Stuffed with vegetables.

112. Chapati – £1.95 vege
Soft, thin, Indian baked bread.

113. Puree – £1.95 vege
Thin, fried bread.

114. Raitha  £2.25 vege
Onion or cucumber.

115. Chips – £2.25 vege

116. Green Salad – £2.25 vege

117. Papadum (Plain or Spicy) – £0.75 vege

118. Chutney (Per Person) – £0.75 vege

119. Nan – £2.25 vege
Special leavened bread.

120. Peshwari Nan – £2.50 vege
Prepared with oriental nuts & fruits.

121. Cheese Nan – £2.95 vege

122. Stuffed Nan – £2.50 vege
Stuffed with spices, mashed potatoes and vegetables.

123. Keema Nan – £2.50
Freshly baked with minced meat

124. Garlic Nan – £2.50 vege

125. Tandoori Roti – £2.25 vege

White Wines

1. House Wine – £11.95 (bottle)
Medium dry.

2. Sauvignon  Semillon (dry) – 14.95
Bodegas Casa Roca (Chile)
The crispiness of Sauvignon softened by the silky Semillon grape giving a tropical fruit finish to accompany Kormas and mild curries.

3. Pinot Grigio (dry) – £16.95
Allamanda (Italy)
Produced in Veneto, this wine has a fruity, clean, crisp, satisfying taste

4. Chablis (dry) – £27.95
Domaine Vocoret (France)
The Chablis region is the northernmost wine district of the Burgundy region in France. The grapevines around the town of Chalis are almost all Cherdonnay, making a dry white wine renowned for the purity of it’s aroma and taste.

Aromatic & Fruity Whites

5. Sauvignon Blanc – £19.95
Makutu: Marlborough (New Zealand)
Intensely aromatic with a palate of limes, melon and grapefruit characteristics

Full Bodied White

6. Chardonnay – £16.95
Riddle Creek (Australia)
Displaying tropical fruit flavours, notably ripe melon and fig, with tangy notes balanced by the minimum of oak

Rose Wines

7. House Rose – £13.95 (bottle)

8. Zinfandel Rose (California) – £16.95
The the indigenous grape to California creates this classic New World blush wine with its red berry bouquet and a crisp medium dry fresh fruit finish

9. Mateus Rose (Portugal) – £14.95
Slightly sparkling medium rose

Red Wines:

10. House Red – £11.95 (bottle)

11. Merlot – £15.95
Los Tres Curas (Chile)
A medium bodied red with fresh blueberr fruit aromas on the nose. The palate is full of juicy plum flavours that are soft and warming.

12. Shiraz Cinsaut – £14.95
Millbrook (South Africa)
The perfumed grappe, Cinsaut with it’s rich purple colour lifts the spicy fruits of Shiraz to give a generous mouthful of wine with a spicy edge. Will accompany hot, saucy curries like Madras.

13. Rioja Tinto “Cosecha” – £19.95
Bodegras Vina Valoria (Spain)
80% Tempranillo and 20% local grapes wive this wine an intense purple colour, clean open fruit notes of blackcurrant and liquorice on the palate. No oak is used in the production so the palate is soft and medium bodied.

14. Shiraz – £16.95
Riddle Creek (Australia)
Good Aussie red. A nose of white pepper and wild berry flavours with a spicy edge.

Sparkling & Champagne

15. Marquis de la Cour Blanc – £19.95
Vin Mousseux “Collection Privee” (France)
An exceptional value sparkling wine. Dry, well balanced and full flavoured with a fine mousse.

16. Marquis de la Cour Rose – £21.95
A sparkling deep rose ping, with red fruit aromas of raspberries and redcurrants. Supple with a fruity finish.

17. Champagne Gruet N.V Blanc de Noirs – £38.95
Easy drinking champagne from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, giving a soft mousse and a refreshing palate.

18. Moet & Chandon Brut N.V – £44.95
The world’s favourite champagne.

Kingfisher (4.8%) – £3.25 (330 ml)

Bangla Beer (4.8%) – £4.95 (660 ml)

Tiger (4.8%) – £3.25 (330 ml)

Strongbow Cider (5.0%) – £3.25 (330 ml)

Umbel Ale (3.8%) – £4.50 (500 ml)

Coba Lager (5.0%) – £2.35 (half pint) £4.60 (pint)